Developing a culture of understanding between patients and healthcare providers is quintessential to bringing in good healthcare. In view of this, EADV organizes the Patient Village Society as part of its Congress. The Patient Society Village of 2018 is the biggest ever organization of its kind in EADV.

EADV has consistently worked towards a greater involvement of the patient community and patient leaders in order to be able to extend several perspectives of understanding to provide better dermatological support and care. Check out the important message delivered in the Vienna Congress of 2016. The Patient Society Village will be organized for two days on the 13th and 14th of September.

Participating Patient Organizations

Several leading patient organizations from Europe and all across the globe will be participating in the Patient Society Village in a bid for attention so that the specific problems patient communities face all across the globe can be brought to the notice and understanding of healthcare providers.

  • Association Enfants de la Lune
  • Association Française du Vitiligo
  • Genespoir
  • France Psoriasis
  • Global Parents for Eczema Research
  • Global Allergy & Asthma Patient Platform
  • National Eczema Association
  • International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations
  • Naevus International
  • Interregional Charitable Public Organization “Skin and Allergic Diseases”
  • XP Support Group UK
  • Pemfriends

These organizations showcased their involvement in patient care and made their stand on how to develop the arena wherein a better understanding of patient needs can be established doing away with socio-political stigma.

Key Event: Patient Organization Session

The theme of the Patient Organization Session was to explore the psychosocial impacts of dermatological diseases and thereby gain a better understanding of what can be done on the healthcare front. Physicians do not usually have the resources to be able to understand any stigma, shame, or any other psychosocial issues that patients are facing. The session addresses as to how these problems can be confronted and the steps that doctors, nurses and healthcare professional can in order to reduce patient stress and help them be more open to deliberating with healthcare experts.

Objectives Of The Session

  • To identify the major psychosocial issues patients are facing with the patient societies and other people closely associated with patient care.
  • To study the causes and impacts of these issues on healthcare and see how they have been issuing a curtain to patients uncomfortable in reaching between the perceived dogmas of society.
  • To examine and elaborate on some of the practices implemented by healthcare professionals that have garnered better patient attention and have empowered them to address their healthcare problems better. And to understand the context in which they can be implemented.
  • To work towards innovative and supportive plans in which patients can be supported.

The Patient Society Village in this year’s Congress was organized with a view to addressing the evolving psychosocial strain that patients have to go through for accessing dermatological healthcare from the last session that was organized in the 2015 Congress at Copenhagen.