The EADV Congress has become one of the most popular and prestigious events for dermatologists all across the globe. The key issues addressed are at the fore front of research and needs deliberate attention from the entire medical community. Throughout its existence, it has endeavored to make medical facilities accessible to all sections of the society while considering the specific problems that people have been facing all over Europe and the rest of the world. Check out the important issues raised in the Vienna Congress.

25th Congress Of The EADV, Vienna

1. Plenary Lecture Discussion On SNB For Melanoma Patients

The role played by doctors and healthcare professional in supporting melanoma patients with regards to sentinel lymph node biopsy was a core topic of discussion. Presented by Dr. Timothy Johnson, Professor of Dermatology, University of Michigan, the lecture highlighted the fact that that patients look forward to their dermatologists for guidance and information for their treatment.

He also emphasized on the holistic approach to treating patients with melanoma with a view on implementing a professional’s knowledge on a wide variety of specialties.

2. Health Of Outdoor Workers

Outdoor workers suffer from double the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer after having worked outside for just five years. In addition, the health literacy amongst these workers are known to be inadequate in order for them to realize the risk that they are putting themselves in. Prof Swan Malte John of the University of Osnabruck, Germany expressed the fact that these issues are largely neglected.

The EADV has constantly been working towards including solar radiation protection for outdoor workers in key directives of the European Commission.

26th Congress Of The EADV, Vienna

1. Prevention Of STDs

The 26th Congress expressed its views of the fact that sexually transmitted diseases have become more prevalent across the world, and the treatment procedures for most of these diseases have been ineffective because of the resistance that the infections have developed over time. The Congress reiterated the WHO recommendation that antiretroviral drug treatment be included for all patients diagnosed with HIV regardless of their CD4 cell count.

Prof O’Mahony argued that the most effective and crucial step in this fight against STDs is to invest in education about sex and relationships to ensure safe sexual practices.

2. Artificial Intelligence And Skin Cancer Diagnosis

The importance of Artificial intelligence in the process of diagnosis and monitoring of skin cancers like melanoma was another wide followed topic of discussion in the Congress. The growing use of Artificial Intelligence in dermatology was widely acknowledged by several

27th Congress Of The EADV

1.  Adverse Drug Reactions

A good amount of focus was placed on adverse drug reactions in this year’s Congress of the EADV. Healthcare professional discussed and deliberated on the possible resolutions to them and argued on improving upon the pre-medical tests for drugs for a longer period than it is under regulation as of now.

2. Aesthetics And Cosmetics Dermatology

The growth of aesthetics and cosmetics dermatology was widely addressed in several of the EADV lectures of this congress. The recent developments and the most common problems facing healthcare professional were also discussed widely.