What It Takes

To Become A Member?

As a healthcare professional, an EADV membership can not only help you be a part of one of the most active dermatology-venereology communities but can also help you attain expertise in your skill set by helping you understand patient needs through several of its programs. Also check on the origin and the mission of EADV.


Overview On
The Process Of Application

In order to apply for membership, you need to fill up a membership form available here. The form asks for some of your personal details and address for correspondence. You also need to upload a print of your passport for identity verification.

Further, you also need to choose your EADV status, and send the Agreement of Adherence to EADV Statuses document with your original signature. The annual fee for membership varies in accordance to the EADV status that you have chosen. You can also submit document verifying your status as a trainee, specialist or PhD.

After filling out the information, you can submit the application form online. The processing time for an application is from 5 to 10 days. It is also worth noting that the activation of the membership is commenced only after the payment of the membership fees.

It is also important to choose your membership carefully. Ordinary members are not allowed to attend events that are organized for specialists and can attend events that are open to public. On the other hand, most of the events are open to members registered as specialists.

Some Benefits Of Membership

As part of the EADV, you will also be able to access well maintained and structured courses in various topics to improve on the breadth of knowledge in your repository.

Reduced fees for scientific events, symposia, and congresses as organized by EADV

Access to the wide repository of the EADV Virtual library

Complete access to the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Voting rights for several of the resolutions presented in EADV