European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology or commonly known as EADV is a platform where participants of the field are encouraged to extend their knowledge in health. Guidelines are set for what should be priorities such as patient care or education. In order to stay steady with the progressive rate of the world, dermatology has also gone digital. Times when physical examinations were the only way are disappearing.

Dermoscopy is practised now in clinics where structures invisible to the naked eye are examined with the help of technology. The results are then reproduced in digital photographs. This method of photographic documentation is also employed for patients suffering from types of skin cancer.

With electronic records, it has become beneficial for individuals and doctors since data stays permanently and has very less chances of being lost. Online databases and courses have enabled more professionals to join the field and record their researches for the world to see within a few clicks.

Robots are possibly the best addition to the field due to their feature of being accurate. They can map lesions, process pictures, consult among a range of other tasks.

Advent of artificial intelligence and that being integrated into health systems is also a huge step towards extending life expectancy of humans. Machine learning has the ‘convolutional neural network’ that can teach itself the required need. Due to the nature of AI being perfect with what’s fed into it, the chances of it outperforming human dermatologist are high. The results are also faster.

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Many e-health tools like screening tools, digital diaries aid in giving adequate healthcare. As information is infinite over the internet and easily accessible, there are many websites that have popped up. They not only help deal with small consultations but also connect with professionals remotely. Appointments can also be booked easily in the comfort of homes. Various webinars are recorded over the internet such that they remain in the database for future used.

Some might view as this being another technology takeover but matters of health are delicate. Without the compassion, human intuition and well-thought judgements, the true welfare cannot be reached.

If these possibilities are accepted with open arms in the EADV world would free time for the physicians to focus on bigger tasks at hand. Patients will also be graced with holistic experiences and personalized care. And as President of EADV, Alexander Stratigos claims digital dermatology being the ‘promising and exciting’ future, there shouldn’t be any hesitation in appreciating the modernization of EADV.