Keynote Speakers in Vienna

Distinguished US scientist, Dr. Steve Katz (US) will open the Congress with a captivating lecture on “Dermatology 2016: If past is prologue”, followed by a spectacular movie, “Extracts from Planet You”, from the EMMY award winner Prof. Alfred Vendl (AT), projecting the fascinating micro-life in and on our skin.

Other leading expert plenary lecturers include Prof. Martine Bagot (FR) with her talk on “New therapeutic perspectives in CTCL”, a stimulating lecture on “Skin barrier homeostasis and its failure in atopic dermatitis” from Dr. Masayuki Amagai (JP), Dr. Tim Johnson (US) focusing on “Melanoma sentinal mode biopsy: Past, present and future in the new era of systemic therapies”, Prof. Tom Quinn (US) tackling “The new threats of HIV and STIs” and Dr. Caroline Robert (FR) giving her expert views on “The advancing field of melanoma immunotherapy”. The programme will also include the René Touraine Foundation guest speaker, Prof. Martin Steinhoff (IE) providing the latest on “Neuroinflammation: Contradiction or reality?” as well as ESDR Plenary Lecturer Prof. Georg Stingl (AT) speaking on “Langerhans cells in health and disease”.

View the biographies of the Keynote Speakers at the following link:

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