Regulations related to Industry Activities

Promotion of Medicinal Products
According to the European Union Directive 2001/83/EC (and amended version 2010/84/EU) the promotion of prescription only medicines should be directed solely at Healthcare Professionals or any person who is authorised to prescribe, use or handle them.

As a multidisciplinary audience will be attending the 25th EADV Congress in Vienna, the EADV will assign different badges to Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and NON-Healthcare Professionals (NON-HCP) to ensure compliancy with these above regulations.

The Austrian Pharmig Code of Conduct, which is based on the above EU directive, defines Healthcare
Professionals as: “Persons authorised to apply, administer or prescribe such as physicians, dentists, veterinary surgeons, dental practioners, midwives, members of the nursing profession, medical laboratory services and paramedic and any other medical facilities, provided they require medicinal products to fulfil their tasks.”

In order for the EADV to be compliant with the prevailing EU directive (2001/83/EC, article 86) and the Austrian Pharmig Code of Conduct and Code of Procedure of COC Committees of Experts of the 1st and 2nd instance and its amended version from 24/04/2015, the following rules apply to all participants, regarding access into the Exhibition area, advertising and applicable industry sessions.

Exhibition Area
Access to the Exhibition area will be strictly restricted to Healthcare Professionals and Industry staff only. Only delegates with an HCP badge will be permitted entry into the restricted Exhibition area and will be required to display their badge at the entrance. NON-HCPs will have no have access to the exhibition area under any circumstances.

Industry Sessions and Advertising
Satellite Symposia and Meet-the-Expert sessions presenting data on the development, research or other issues related to prescription medicine will be restricted to Healthcare Professionals and Industry staff only. Delegate badges will be controlled before entry into these sessions. All promotional flyers and marketing aids related to these industry sessions should be strictly limited to HCPs only.

Other categories
STUDENTS, PRESS and PATIENT ORGANISATION REPRESENTATIVES are NOT considered as Healthcare Professionals under the current guidelines and will be automatically classified as NON-HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL.

The full EADV Scientific Programme, e-Poster area and Industry sessions organised by companies producing over-the-counter (OTC) products and similar will be open to all participants.

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